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Hi my name is Tami or you can call me TamTam. I'm a 21 year old Junior studying Economics and Mathematics in college. I love health and fitness, art, and anything beautiful.

"Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her."

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I haven’t been on Tumblr in forever. Wonder what I’ve missed. Annd I’m still in college. 


Photorealistic Pencil Drawing by Diego Fazio (aka DiegoKoi).

A Blue Evening

This is my first time trying to design a nice summery outfit that I would wear to eat at an expensive restaurant. Since I’m going to New Orleans in a few weeks I like to imagine wearing this to a cafe sipping on a drink writing or day dreaming. 

I love the dress!  I love the shoulders and how there is some chiffon. I picked the earings and the bracelet because I thought it created a more elegant statement while as I picked the head dress to connect with the flower on the shoes. I’m new to fashion and I don’t think I have much of a fashion sense but I think there needs to be a statement or a pattern. Anyway, I was thinking of a necklace but I figured that a necklace would hide the neckline of the dress.

What do you all think?  

Playing With Telemarketers

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i used to have a dog like thisss


sharpie  puppies (by Paul Grand)

i used to have a dog like thisss


sharpie puppies (by Paul Grand)

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I love Andrea Bocelli. This video is so artistic; I love the dancers! Even though I can’t understand a word its saying, the dancers depict exactly what the meaning of the song.

It Could Happen To You from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Even though I don’t gamble this video makes me happy because I love seeing people happy. Plus the way it was filmed is really cool; the detail is eye popping. Love it1

Last Night’s Dream

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Last night I had a strange dream. The bits that I do remember it goes something like this. I was in the Harry Potter world and Malfoy was cursed to this marshy land. But the marsh had tall grass and so if you stood in the middle of it you couldn’t see at all. I ended up saving him so he could return to Hogwarts. The next thing I remember is Harry saving me and me, him, Ron, and Hermione running through this mountain to Hogwarts but a T-Rex is chasing us. We safely evade the dinosaur and make it to Hogwarts.

The second part of my dream is that I’m with a group of people, I think perhaps Taylor from Terra Nova is the leader, at that same marsh. But instead they are making us go through it to train for some thing. After a little training we go into a bus and drive through the marsh onto a highway. We then turn around and follow this map. Well we successfully go through some smaller marshes (in my dream it looked just like a map with a red line showing the path we were taking) when we end up back at that same marsh. I was told that we would be tested to see if we were trained well. I was pushed out of the bus along with others and told to meet the leader and everyone else at the end of it. Instead of being a marsh it turned into this murky lake. So I start swimming as fast as I can and get to the end but I cannot get out. I scream for help; someone starts running over but I fall into the water and start fighting to swim. But I can’t. I start drowning when someone grabs me and gives me CPR under water (weird I know). After what seems like forever, I’m pulled out of the water, coughing. I have no idea who the guy is that gave me CPR but I thank him anyway.

Third Part

I recover from almost drowning and walk over to a group of friends (commonly called Asian Girl Squad from my highschool). They told me the last test would be a dance off. I watched two of them dance with my roommate who is telling me she has NOOO idea what to dance to. I told her, lets dance to the theme from My Friend Tortoro. So after the other girls finish, I walk over to this computer device controlled by motion technology. I find the song I was looking for and it starts playing. My friend begins dancing and I join her. It was a weird dance, very new agy with a mix of ballroom. The song finished and she left. I wanted to dance so I found this orchistrated song and start belly dancing to it. (LOL) The dance in my dream was slow mo and I watched myself dance. After expressing myself sooo beautifully I heard weird noises from where the bus used to be. Aghast I realized everyone left without me. I start running down the road and hear gun shots.

Part four

This is more violent but more hazy in my mind. I hear gunshots and hide. All the sudden I’m a bad a soldier looking for my child. I spy on enemy camps and hear their plans (they are trying to kill off all of us. But I’m not sure who us is). I go into the woods and find a camp that belonged to my people. All of a sudden my child walks out holding a gun. I tell him to not let the gun go. Then the enemies start coming towards us and I grab my child and run…

The End that’s when I wake up. Actually there was more to my dream. Like before I save Malfoy, I’m working at my restaurant that I work at in real life. It was weird…I was the only server and it was super busy and almost a nightmare. But yeah my dream was rather versatile, violent, artistic, and too much Harry Potter.